Installing from GitHub

Learn how to install roblox-ts from GitHub instead of NPM to be on the bleeding edge of new features and fixes.

If you’d like to use the latest features of roblox-ts before they get published to npm or you’d like to set up roblox-ts for local development, this guide can help.

  1. Ensure your current copy of roblox-ts is uninstalled.:
    npm remove -g roblox-ts

  2. cd into a directory where you’d like to keep your copy of roblox-ts
    cd /path/to/dir

  3. Clone the roblox-ts git repo
    git clone

  4. cd into the cloned repo
    cd roblox-ts

  5. Install TypeScript
    npm install -g typescript

  6. Install project dependencies
    npm install

  7. Compile tsc

  8. Link to npm npm link

  9. You can now run rbxtsc anywhere!

  10. In order to update to the latest version
    git pull and then tsc