Articles detailing using the roblox-ts compiler.

Changes in Behavior

This page lists intentional changes in behavior from traditional TypeScript and Roblox Lua.

Compiler Built-Ins

This page is a reference for all new APIs that roblox-ts adds that do not exist in Roblox.

Data Type Math

This page explains how to represent operator overloading in TypeScript for Roblox data types.

Notable Supported Features

A list of some of the more notable and useful features supported by roblox-ts right now.


A guide on how to validate and use types within roblox-ts.

Unsupported Features

A list of intentional unsupported TypeScript features when using roblox-ts.

Workflow Issues

This page lists known workflow issues when using roblox-ts.

Project Structure

Details on how the roblox-ts compiler deals with project structure and files.