Unsupported Features

A list of intentional unsupported TypeScript features when using roblox-ts.

This page will keep track of TypeScript features that are unsupported within roblox-ts.

Any feature that is unsupported but not listed on this page is considered a bug! Please file an issue if you find something missing and it isn’t listed here.

Some of these are intended removals, others may be added in the future!

  • null (use undefined instead!)
  • delete operator for dictionary key deletion is not type-safe so not supported (You should use a Map where possible)
  • loop labels (used by continue and break)
  • class or function prototypes
  • regular expressions
  • dynamic import expressions
  • sparse arrays (nil/undefined in between valid elements)
  • typeof operator in values (the typeof operator in types is still valid: when typeof is used in a type, it converts a value into a type.)